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The Perfect Design For Your Bathrooms In Dundee

We provide reliable, affordable services for everyone. We offer consultations and products to help you achieve your dream design

What we do

Showroom Bathroom Design That Is Unique

Each design element we provide is unique to your home. Every process is tailored to your bathroom needs and your vision. With our free consultation you can tell us the look you are after and we will provide you with the best solutions. Designing your bathroom with us is the right decision for your home.

Perfect Designers Finish

Tailored to fit the bathroom, each element we provide will uplift the space to create a more homely feel. From luxury to simple, we provide it all.

Luxury bathroom Feel

Every bathroom design has the most luxury feel to them. From marble white flooring to glass showers. Creating your perfect bathroom was never easier.

Tailored to your design needs

Whether you need a family friendly bathroom, disabled access or simply a design for more floor space, we will work with you to achieve the outcome you're after.

Have your Bathroom designed

Send us a message via our form to start your journey towards a new professionally designed bathroom.

We ask for your postcode, so we can get you touch with our team in your area to make the process easier.

Tailored bathroom products upon request

The current layout of your bathroom could be holding you back from creating the perfect space. With our designs, we can fit luxury right into your bathroom and give you more freedom to decorate. 

Fitting showers, baths, sinks and toilets perfectly to ensure your bathroom feels homely with the added touch of luxury.

Why we do it - The Dundee Service

We’ve been there

We spend time in our bathrooms getting ready, a lot of time. This is why our luxury bathrooms give you a sense of royalty as you wash your hair.

Each bath, sink and shower we service for you, are fitted and designed just for your needs.

Having an accessible bathroom can be rewarding. This is why we provide our specialised design service, to ensure you are feeling happy with your bathroom results.

We want to bring innovation to bathrooms with our bathroom designers

Helping you get creative and bring visions to life through our bathroom range. Our consultants are waiting to hear your ideas today.

The trusted team will provide incredible customer service to ensure you leave with the products and designs you need and want.

Contact Information

Email:   Booking@Luxury-bathroom-design.com