Gloss Bathroom Dundee

Dundee Gloss Bathrooms

The Luxury Feel Bathroom 

Providing the look of luxury with this white gloss finish.

The hoovering white gloss cupboards provide a classy and open plan feel. Easy to clean and maintain.

The deep bowl sink, which can be doubled up, is fitted with modern silver taps. The cupboards have a lot of space to fit everyday accessories 

The rounded toilet bowl and seat are accompanied with a white matte cupboard which provides extra space for storage.

Each floating cupboard is fitted to provide extra space and easier cleaning for this modern day glossy bathroom.

Glossy Bathrooms - Flooring

Bringing this bathroom around with a stunning black matte floor tile is a great option. 

The tiles are measured and cut to fit perfectly with your new bathroom floor.

Black and white colour options bring a modern luxury feel to these bathrooms, creating a more open plan look along with the floating cupboards which give extra room.

Our team is on hand to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

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