Marble Bathroom Dundee | Try a Marble Bathroom for your Dundee Home

A Design that says Luxury

What better way to complete the chic look of your home than with a marble finish. This is a design that communicates elegance and one that will have a welcoming impact on your guests. It’s no wonder this material has been used for thousands of years and has stood the test of time. Trends will come in and out but marble will remain the stylish choice. 

The great thing about marble is that it fits many types of home styles. It will complement a contemporary household, go well with a more traditional style, modern, classic, you name it.

Transform your Dundee Bathroom

Looking to get a new bathroom design for your home in Dundee? Consider marble. It emits a luxurious aesthetic and could be the perfect fit for your home. 

Tips for Choosing a Marble Design

When choosing a marble finish for your tiles, a necessary element to consider is a colour scheme that will complement them. We suggest deciding on the undertones of your tiles. What does this mean? The main colour of marble tends to be a blend of whites and greys but you also might notice other colours that are less apparent; shades of purple, blue or green in the stone’s veins. In light of this, you want to pick colours for your bathroom that complement these undertones. 

Using cool colours and neutrals to match with your marble tiles is a popular choice. We suggest combinations such as off-whites and cool blues. Opting for warmer or more yellow colours can result in a bit of a confusion of clashing colours. If you have pale grey tiles that have blue undertones, you accompany them with light blue walls and cabinets. On the other hand, perhaps you have marbled floors with a warmer colour to them, in this case you can complement them with a bright white colour scheme and wooden cabinets.  

Marble Styles

Soft Grey

Bring luxury to your bathroom with this soft grey feel.

The ivory gloss finish cupboards are an excellent choice, they are fitted with a wood finish shelve on top to create a homely look.

The white ceramic bath is curved and fitted to create a round look. 

The square fitted toilet is situated with the ivory cupboards.

Country scheme

You can make a contrast of styles work well in a layout such as this. Your bathroom can succinctly express country chic with tidy wall panelling and a roll top bath. However, add a shower with a marble surround and rainwater head, and we have something interesting going on. You can even bridge the styles with a shower curtain opposed to a screen and let the contrasting elements blend together in the softer material. You can also achieve this with a shower wall panel that has a marble effect, for a cheaper alternative.

Geometric wall design

Going for a contemporary look? Why not step out a little by incorporating geometric shapes into your wall design. This can look like a hexagonal pattern across white marble, for example. Marble has a timeless appeal which also means it’s able to adapt to newer styles as well achieving a more classical look.


A marble mosaic will provide a high-quality tile surface for your bathroom that you can customise to have a pattern that really conveys your personality. Furthermore, if you live in a country house, Italian marble will be a great complement to its style. Marble mosaic flooring is a more expensive choice but you can stay closer to budget by picking metro tiles for the walls and if you’re renovating, singly updating your taps, opposed to replacing entire suites.

Marmara White

Why not try a highly modern marble bathroom design? This can come in the form of a straight, horizontally-veined pattern like Marmara White marble. This form of marble is set apart for its distinctive dark parallel veins, often appearing as stripes. You can use this for your flooring or separate your shower space from the rest of the room by giving your shower wall tiles this straight-lined pattern. Another option is to continue the pattern for both floor and walls and have a freestanding bath with a dark grey marble finish. This will allow the bath to really stand out all the more. Marmara White marble can make for an impressive bathroom design.


Wondering what furniture to use with your marble tiles? We recommend everything wood. 

Dark wood paired with marble will accentuate the classy style. The contrast of deep wood and lighter marble can give your bathroom more interesting detail and create a warmer atmosphere.

Neutral colours are also a reliable option to go with marble. 

If you have a marble floor with a light grey or cooler undertone, we recommend choosing wood that has a similar shade of grey or near blue undertone to fit the floor. However, avoid wood that has a warmer red to it, as it will clash with most marble finishes. 

If you’d like to incorporate marble into your furniture, try floor and table lamps. These are things you don’t have to rely on to be comfortable.

Book Matched Marble

Book matching is where a stone slab is cut down the middle to create a mirror image of two identical grains. This opens up more options for your marble decorating. The intricate graining found in marble becomes an art piece to display throughout the bathroom. You can achieve a very striking wall pattern with this method that leaves a strong impression. 

Marble Bathroom Options

Small Bathroom

Got a smaller bathroom? Marble can still work for you. For your flooring you can use marble herringbone tile that will make good use of the smaller space. You can have a marble lined sink that is narrow but stretches across the wall, so as to save up space but still be practical.  


Want to add to the luxurious nature of your marble bathroom? Why not add a fireplace. Pair it with an oversized, classical mirror and a freestanding bath to really complete this look.


Go Dramatic

A single marble wall in your bathroom has the potential to change the mood of the entire design. It can add depth and give your room a focal point. With the inclusion of a mirror light with a slightly golden hue to it, you can create the perfect atmosphere for an emotive bathroom

Large Slab

A pricier option, but understandably so, fitting your bathroom with large marble slabs can look absolutely stunning. You can decorate your bath with uncut slabs around the sides and as a tile for flooring.


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