White Wood Bathroom Dundee

Dundee White Wood Bathroom

A bright look for every family bathroom. White wood is always a popular choice when it comes down to picking the right cupboards for your bathrooms. 

The white matte finish along with the easy to grip, silver circle handles are a great addition to this bathroom. A deep white ceramic bath with beautiful silver legs fits well with this family style bathroom.

The sink which has a medium sized deep bowl sits perfectly with the white wood cupboards along with the hot and cold separate taps. The toilet which has a rounded bowl and seat fits well alongside the cupboards

Bathroom Floor Panel

These stunning oak wood slanted tiles bring a bright atmosphere to this bathroom, creating a modern and comfortable feel. 

Each tile is measured and cut to fit the space of your bathroom perfectly. Our team will be on hand to assist you.

Coloured Back Panels

Bringing out the best of this bathroom means a bright but soft pastel paint coloured wall.

Soft peach, beige, and many more options to choose from when picking a soft colour for your new bathroom.

Adding a soft coloured back panel to the sink area will create a modern look.

Each family room should be unique, that even means your bathroom. Open up the space today and bring a featured pastel wall to your new space.

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